Amy Schumer: The Universe & You NSFW

All About Amy and The Universe

Here’s the deal; Amy Schumer is telling the truth all over the place about everything. She’s specifically telling the truth about women’s issues and experiences. It’s all happening on her Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer”. So I declare from here on out I’ll find Amy Schumer truth bombs that I find significant & hilarious and share it on a consistent basis.

This clip ‘The Universe’ brings to life one of my huge pet peeves. (Not just) Young Women who declare that The Universe speaks uniquely to them through random coincidences. Whether they want to buy a purse they can’t afford, or feel better about cheating on their boyfriend, all of their choices are justified by The Universe.  They twist themselves into knots interpreting external events and circumstances as significant mystical messages being sent to them.  The truth is that The Universe does NOT exist to justify any individual’s choices. Never has never will. Now, finally, Bill Nye explains this obvious fact to the dumb-dumbs who think this way.

Shamefully, I haven’t seen Amy’s recent movie “Trainwreck”, But I will, and I must! EDIT: “Trainwreck” opens July 17, 2015. we haven’t missed it!


Everyone is talking about ‘The Girl on the Train’

My First Book Review

book-686305_1280 ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. The category is mystery/thriller/page turner.

It’s the book lots of women are talking about much like ‘Gone Girl’ was. If you read ‘The Girl on the Train’ it will be a conversation starter for sure. It takes place in the ‘suburbs’ of London. The main character is Rachel, who drank herself out of a marriage and a job. She’s renting a room from her friend, and riding the train pretending to go to work every day. The only thing she looks forward to is riding the train and seeing in the home of a couple imagining that they are happy and in love. But Megan that so-called happily married wife soon goes missing.

Rachel inserts herself into the police investigation for Missing Megan and introduces herself to Megan’s husband Scott under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Rachel is texting, calling, and emailing her ex-husband Tom. This stalking upsets Tom’s new wife, Anna. Anna, Rachel, and Megan each narrates their stories. Rachel has the most story, but she’s an unreliable narrator because she blacks out and can’t remember useful information. It all gets resolved and it all ties together and it has a lot to to say about women and their experiences.

Why You’ll Like It

It’s an excellent character story wrapped in a solid murder mystery. You’ll relate to the experiences of some or all of the three women characters. Maybe you drink more than you think you should. Maybe you feel guilty about something you did and fear the consequences. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person. Maybe you can’t let go of a relationship and move on. Connecting to one of these issues will get you invested in the outcome and keep you turning the pages until you know how it ends. The story unfolds at a perfect pace; the conflict is real and relatable.