JULY: What to Binge Watch on Netflix

In honor of Comic-Con going on right now in San Diego, CA these two Binge Watch suggestions have a science fiction theme. The plots almost always have a real life counterpart and the science fiction element is a way to hold up a mirror, or show what disasters will happen if we persist in pursuing some course of action. One suggestion is a TV series and the other one is a movie. It looks like a season 2 for the TV Series has not been announced yet.

1) Sense 8 – 12 episodes

There are 8 people scattered across the planet in America, England, Russia, India who are magically connected. The audience knows they are connected somehow because Daryl Hannah appears as a vision to each of them in the first episode. The 8 people slowly find out they are connected because they can mentally access each other’s skills, abilities, knowledge, language and emotions. They can ‘visit’ each other at will and talk to each other and help each other even though they are not physically in the same place. But they can be mentally in the same place. There’s lots of sex: gay sex, group sex and straight sex. There’s a conspiracy of course, a sinister organization wants to weaponize the genetic connection these people have. But the sinister conspiracy plot is never really made clear. The only familiar face is Sayid from ‘Lost’ and Daryl Hannah, everyone else is relatively unknown. The series was created by the Wachowski siblings, who were responsible for ‘The Matrix’ trilogy.

2) Safety Not Guaranteed – 2012

This is a really cute movie with a simple premise and it ends in really cool way. It stars Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, and Aubrey Plaza. Mark Duplass plays a guy who seriously places a classified print ad asking for a volunteer to go time traveling with him and says that their ‘Safety is Not Guaranteed’. The classified ad sparks the interest of some young journalists who befriend the man who placed the ad to find out if he’s serious. He’s very serious. Or is he crazy. The skeptics start to become believers, and its very funny.