The Sexy Spinster Top 5 best Summer Drinks

It’s Memorial Day Weekend the official beginning of summer. If you’re single and childless that means you are probably going to get  your drink on a little or a lot no matter how old you are. I live in Wisconsin and that means we don’t need much of a reason to gather and drink.

Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever

My all time favorite Memorial Day Weekend was about 10 years ago. There were 5 of us at a house Up North Wisconsin. We woke up Saturday morning and ate seafood omelettes. Then everyone proceeded to drink while playing Scrabble outside in 90 degree heat for the next 10 hours. I personally drank cranberry + vodka all day (or maybe it was pomegranate juice + vodka?). No shower no breaks. If you don’t know, 90 degrees on Memorial Day Weekend in Northern WI is unheard of, the usual high temp is 64. Best weekend ever.

Disclaimer before the list starts : I am partial to Vodka and avoid whiskey and bourbon.

Top 5 Summer Drinks

1. Greyhound – Grey Goose Vodka + Grapefruit juice

2. Beer – Cold

3. Moscow Mule – Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice

4. Mojito – Rum, Mint, Lime, Sugar, Soda Water

5. Margarita – Tequila & mixer on the rocks!


There you go, try one or try them all. Time to share your opinion and tell the world what the best Summer Drinks are!

TBT #1 Best 80’s MTV Music Video

This is the best music video that ever lived in my opinion. 139 MILLION You Tube views for crying out loud. The Police ‘Synchronicity’ album is an album you can listen to it front to back without skipping a track. I know I’ve done it many times. But ‘Every Breath You Take’ was a super sonic comet of a song. And the music video for ‘Every Breath You Take’ was The Thing I Lived For Summer of 1983. We didn’t have MTV at my house, I had to watch it while babysitting or at my grandparents house. I watched MTV for one reason only in 1983, to hopefully maybe see Sting and the ‘Every Breath You Take Video’.  Yes it’s a the stalker theme song but he’s a stalker that looks like Sting and so when he says “I’ll be watching you” over and over it doesn’t sound so bad. Side note: everyone played this at their wedding in the 80’s because people are dumb and don’t listen to lyrics. Since its TBT before Memorial Day Weekend, I started thinking of music and summer songs, and how much I miss MTV videos 80’s-90’s. What was your favorite?


Because I was feeling extra TBT nostalgia today I had to post the link with Martha Quinn interviewing The Police backstage after a concert. They used the clip at the end Sting throwing his beer on Stuart Copeland in every MTV promo for years it seemed like. ‘I want my MTV’ indeed. Sorry, embed wasn’t working right.


Words with Friends is your new Dating App

words rev

Find & Chat Up Dudes Near You

Here’s a new (new to me!) way to meet like minded men to date. There’s a Tinder-like feature inside the Words with Friends game app. If you open up Community Match, you can put your zip code and select nearby men. Then pictures of dudes come up, and just like Tinder you swipe right if you want to send a request to play, you swipe left if you’re not interested. Yes I did it, and I’m playing Words with Friends with 3 good looking guys that theoretically live near me.

While you’re playing you can have a running conversation chat. My favorite part about this idea is that I love Scrabble and people who play this game probably enjoy that game too. SO its something we have in common and there’s a context for a conversation to happen. I know a woman who is slightly older than I am and she met a guy in real life from Words with Friends. She said he didn’t look like his profile picture so it didn’t work out. I’ll keep you posted if I wind up meeting a guy in real life. Words with Friends is free on iPhone and Android app stores.

I’m chatting up a guy that theoretically lives near me now. Have you met anyone using Words with Friends?

Everyone is talking about ‘The Girl on the Train’

My First Book Review

book-686305_1280 ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. The category is mystery/thriller/page turner.

It’s the book lots of women are talking about much like ‘Gone Girl’ was. If you read ‘The Girl on the Train’ it will be a conversation starter for sure. It takes place in the ‘suburbs’ of London. The main character is Rachel, who drank herself out of a marriage and a job. She’s renting a room from her friend, and riding the train pretending to go to work every day. The only thing she looks forward to is riding the train and seeing in the home of a couple imagining that they are happy and in love. But Megan that so-called happily married wife soon goes missing.

Rachel inserts herself into the police investigation for Missing Megan and introduces herself to Megan’s husband Scott under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Rachel is texting, calling, and emailing her ex-husband Tom. This stalking upsets Tom’s new wife, Anna. Anna, Rachel, and Megan each narrates their stories. Rachel has the most story, but she’s an unreliable narrator because she blacks out and can’t remember useful information. It all gets resolved and it all ties together and it has a lot to to say about women and their experiences.

Why You’ll Like It

It’s an excellent character story wrapped in a solid murder mystery. You’ll relate to the experiences of some or all of the three women characters. Maybe you drink more than you think you should. Maybe you feel guilty about something you did and fear the consequences. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person. Maybe you can’t let go of a relationship and move on. Connecting to one of these issues will get you invested in the outcome and keep you turning the pages until you know how it ends. The story unfolds at a perfect pace; the conflict is real and relatable.

Here’s Your Mother’s Day Weekend Netflix Binge

This is where I reveal my perverse sensibilities a little bit. Two May Mother’s Day recommendations from Netflix, neither one anywhere near a heartwarming hallmark holiday. They are the opposite. If Mother’s Day is too touchy feely watch these Netflix recommendations. If I showed these suggestions to my own mother she would roll her eyes so hard the force of gravity would cause her to fall over backwards.

What to watch this Mother’s Day Weekend on Netflix

1. “Dear Zachary” (2008) – Documentary

The less you know the better, no fair Googling the story before or during the movie. Like all great documentaries, the filmmaker intended to tell one story, then unbelievable unpredictable events hijack the whole project. I have to warn you that you will never ever get over seeing this movie. We find out that the subject of the movie, Andrew, is dead and he left behind son named Zachary. The filmmaker is Andrew’s childhood friend Kurt who wants the audience and Andrew’s son Zachary to know his father. Since Kurt has tons of home movies with Andrew from childhood to adulthood there’s lots of footage showing us that Andrew is an immensely likable human being. When Zachary’s mother is introduced a dark cloud descends on the whole story. Andrew’s parents are everything you wish your parents were, and everything you hope you would be if you were a parent. I’m getting choked up now. Just watch it.

2. “Broadchurch” Series 1 (2013) – 8 episodes

‘The body of an 11 year old child was found on harbor cliff beach at Broadchurch’. Every parent’s nightmare. Here’s where the Mother’s Day Weekend Netflix binge becomes a marathon. Its eight episodes, only one story told all the way through. Broadchurch is a small resort town in England. Things like child murder don’t happen there. One detective Alec (David Tennet) is a transplant with no personal ties to the people or the town and has the clearest picture of the people and the crime. His partner is Ellie (Olivia Colman) has lived in Broadchurch forever, knows everyone and her objective judgement might be clouded by having such deep roots in the town.

Met Gala Top 5 Best Dressed

First a confession, I have not seen every single dress and every single person who went to the Met Gala. I’m going to limit the list to well known women and leave the men out this time. The list is all of my own opinion maybe you’ll agree maybe you won’t, I’d like to know! What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t tell the internet your opinions about the things you care about, and open yourself up for criticism or validation. One of my things is fashion.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala is an annual tradition to celebrate a fashion exhibit theme. This year the gala and art exhibit theme was ‘China Through The Looking Glass’. Everyone who is lucky enough to get an invite is encouraged to dress in this theme. Over the top costume theatrics with one-of-a-kind haute couture is expected. Gowns worn to Golden Globes or People’s Choice Awards are not expected. The word costume is in the name of the event for crying out loud.

Watch the Interviews

You must go to and watch Andre Leon Talley (Vogue Contributing Editor) interviewing people. He’s sitting on a stool, at the end of the Red Carpet, and the last stop people have to make before they enter the building. Video highlights include Andre Leon Talley asking Cher if she likes Chinese Food and Zendaya confessing that she rode to the event standing up in a truck so she wouldn’t ruin her dress.

Top 5 Best Dressed

1. Rhianna killed it dead forever. She made history and probably caused a few ladies to have a jealousy stroke. According to Vanity Fair the designer is Guo Pei who has designs on display in the Met exhibit.

2. Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi. The absolute perfect red and black flattering outfit that’s age and event appropriate.

3. Sienna Miller in a red sequin tuxedo by Thakoon. Sticking with the theme and its sassy and it suits her style brand perfectly.

4. Fan Bingbing in Christopher Bu. A straightforward gold sequins strapless gown but then there’s the dramatic floor length CAPE, amazing.

5. Grace Coddington in Michael Kors. She wore PAJAMAS! Genius. Very ‘on the nose’ in relation to the theme, but she’s Grace Coddington. If you don’t know who she is, drop whatever you’re doing and watch the documentary ‘The September Issue’ NOW.

Objectively Sarah Jessica Parker did an excellent job with the theme and her headdress. But I didn’t personally like it.

What did you think? Winners? Losers?

The Sexy Spinster is ALL about Dad Bod

I have been reading articles about this term Dad Bod that was invented by Mackenzie Pearson for an article called “Why Girls Love The Dad Bod” in Odyssey. She has conjured up this term and gave a name to my attraction to the men in The Sexy Spinster’s age group 40’s & 50’s who I’m drawn to. Now I have a way to articulate what I’m looking for in an online dating profile! Here’s a quote from the article:

The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.”

Above is a 2011 picture of actor Chris Pratt with his Dad Bod before he got his Starlord body for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

I live in Wisconsin, so Dad Bod is very easy to come by. I’m not attracted to these roidy muscle dudes or the triathlete, too intimidating. That guy will disapprove of my eating/drinking habits and make thinly veiled comments about my body or my weight. Now I’ll say what I really think when I see a reasonably attractive guy who is way overweight : terrible sex. Because how does he have the stamina, or how does the positioning work? Now the guy who has a little tire around his waist but there’s definition in his arms and legs? Best of all worlds. He’s accessible, sorta active and tolerant of my love of pasta, pizza and beer. He probably has the stamina and interest in sex that matches mine.

Excuse me while I go re-write my online dating profile to say Desperately Seeking Dad Bod in WI. What do you think? Dad Bod yes or no.

Homemade food from Pinterest recipes

I’m talking about FOOD. I think the key to staying in shape is making your own food. Nothing from a box like Lean Cuisine or Pasta Roni. I lived on that stuff in my 20’s and 30’s. Didn’t everybody? But when you’re over 40, your health isn’t something you can take for granted anymore. My grandma (mom’s mom) had a heart attack in her early 40’s. So I made up my mind to find healthy recipes and make 75% of the food I eat from scratch. If I have a salad, I make the dressing. If I’m making pasta I make the sauce. I don’t eat red meat, I do eat seafood, chicken, turkey, and pork. Two days a week are meat free. I am pretty good about eating vegetables every day. Fruit I’m lucky to get once or twice a week.

Orzo with Roasted Broccoli recipe

Here is a recipe I just found on Pinterest and I love it. See the actual picture of what I ate! Roast Broccoli and Chickpeas for around 20 minutes in the oven at 400, shake salt pepper and garlic powder over them too. I laid tin foil on a cookie sheet. Make 1 1/2 cups orzo according to directions. Put some pine nuts in a skillet over medium heat, shake them until they’re brownish. Mix it all together with Lemon juice from a lemon and a little but of olive oil. Here’s the link to the recipe.

What’s a healthy homemade recipe you enjoy making?

orzo broccoli

The Last F**kable Day from ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

I HAD to post this and comment on it because this is precisely the type of subject matter I want to cover in this blog! My beloved Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus toasting Julia’s Last F**ckable Day as an actress, as seen on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ on Comedy Central. This is nine kinds of genius because it finds a smart & humorous way to address the notion that women become sexually invisible in the real world and in make believe movies sometime in their 40’s. I can’t remember where I heard it or read it, but its been said there are 3 phases to an actress’s career: Hooker, Mom, District Attorney. But men remain desirable until they die.

Rationally not being sexually visible probably has to do with not being able to have babies and menopause and all of that. I plan on ignoring all those expectations and not dressing my age or acting my age and going against notions of what women are Supposed To Do. Here’s what’s expected: Let yourself go, lose your fashion sense, stop having sex and become uninteresting. Here’s what I propose you do; eat right and exercise, wear flattering current clothes, be interested so you’re interesting.

If You Don’t Use It You’ll Lose It

I saw on Dr. Oz that if you don’t “use it you’ll lose it”.  The gynecologist on there said your vagina will close up if you don’t use it.  So invest in a toy, buy it online so you don’t have to go to a store and use it! Also have actual fun sex whenever you can while being safe and don’t forget birth control. Sex is so good for you for so many reasons. Don’t stop pursuing it just because you think there’s some unwritten rule about being sexually invisible after a certain age. Get a good attitude about sex and go get it. What do you think?

Vacation like a Sexy Spinster This Spring and Summer

Relax & Unwind & Travel to a Fun City

As a sexy spinster, you have disposable income and vacation hours to spend at work. Plus you’re not married and don’t have kids, so you can vacation anywhere you want whenever you want. I am going to recommend New Orleans, LA. I took this trip with all ladies, but you would enjoy it with your SO too. My favorite way to travel is to rent a home, dig in, and live there for a long weekend or a week or more! I have used Vacation Rental By Owner five times, and it is extremely easy to use. Different owners have different approaches. Some like half up front, money order no checks. Some require you to scan and send your ID in advance. Someone will meet you at the house when you get there to collect the rest of the money and show you around the house or condo. I have never used it, but I know people who have used airbnb and have been very happy with it.

Advantages to vacation living in a home or condo are:

Laundry Room, Cook and Drink at home, Live Like a Local Experience.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Travel Rental

New Orleans Rental

That’s the shotgun home we rented, five of us for a long weekend. I love shotgun homes, and they are everywhere. All of the rooms are in a straight line back from the from door; living room, bedroom, bedroom, kitchen. One or two bathrooms off the bedrooms. This house was between the Garden District and Tulane University if you’re traveling on the St. Charles street car away from French Quarter. That’s why I chose it; staying in close proximity to street cars is very helpful in getting around. Its a walking city for the most part, no need to rent a car. But you need to take the street car or cab as a back up if it gets too hot (spoiler alert: IT WILL BE HOT). You will want to walk though because you can walk around with To Go Cups of alcohol everywhere.

What to do:

  • Eat eat eat. My two favorite places are Napoleon House, and Antoine’s. There are too many great and famous restaurants to get into but this is a Food City.
  • Take a Ghost Tour, Cemetery Tour, Garden District Tour
  • Visit New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Shop & Eat & Drink on Magazine Street and Royal Street
  • Sit & Sip Ice Coffee at Cafe du Monde
  • Ride the St. Charles Street Car and Canal Street Line from start until finish and back again.
  • If you enjoy being in the middle of a crush of humanity, then go to Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest.

Where do you recommend taking a trip as an unencumbered Sexy Spinster?