JULY: What to Binge Watch on Netflix

In honor of Comic-Con going on right now in San Diego, CA these two Binge Watch suggestions have a science fiction theme. The plots almost always have a real life counterpart and the science fiction element is a way to hold up a mirror, or show what disasters will happen if we persist in pursuing some course of action. One suggestion is a TV series and the other one is a movie. It looks like a season 2 for the TV Series has not been announced yet.

1) Sense 8 – 12 episodes

There are 8 people scattered across the planet in America, England, Russia, India who are magically connected. The audience knows they are connected somehow because Daryl Hannah appears as a vision to each of them in the first episode. The 8 people slowly find out they are connected because they can mentally access each other’s skills, abilities, knowledge, language and emotions. They can ‘visit’ each other at will and talk to each other and help each other even though they are not physically in the same place. But they can be mentally in the same place. There’s lots of sex: gay sex, group sex and straight sex. There’s a conspiracy of course, a sinister organization wants to weaponize the genetic connection these people have. But the sinister conspiracy plot is never really made clear. The only familiar face is Sayid from ‘Lost’ and Daryl Hannah, everyone else is relatively unknown. The series was created by the Wachowski siblings, who were responsible for ‘The Matrix’ trilogy.

2) Safety Not Guaranteed – 2012

This is a really cute movie with a simple premise and it ends in really cool way. It stars Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, and Aubrey Plaza. Mark Duplass plays a guy who seriously places a classified print ad asking for a volunteer to go time traveling with him and says that their ‘Safety is Not Guaranteed’. The classified ad sparks the interest of some young journalists who befriend the man who placed the ad to find out if he’s serious. He’s very serious. Or is he crazy. The skeptics start to become believers, and its very funny.

Channing Tatum AMA and How He Became My New Pretend Boyfriend

Channing Tatum is one of those actors that I was vaguely aware of. Then I noticed he was being hired for good movies or making good decisions about picking movies hard to say which. When did this happen? He became very popular after “Step Up” of course. I figured his career would be all B Action Movies and “Step Up” sequels. Then Director Michael Mann cast him in a small part in “Public Enemies” and Steven Soderbergh cast him in “Haywire”. He started producing movies like “Magic Mike” based on his life story as directed by Steven Soderbergh. And he’s hanging out at George Clooney’s house in Italy.

Did Channing Tatum become more appealing and more effortlessly charming or has he always been this way and we’re just catching up? My point is I became a fan without realizing it. But now Channing Tatum’s historic AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit has pushed me over the edge and I will be devoted to him forever. I’m proud to say he’s my new Pretend Boyfriend.

Highlights from Channing Tatum AMA

Does you penis have a nickname?


How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Oh man. Crossbow straight up, and I’d want an army of ninja chimpanzees that crush people all around me. Or I would go to Sandra Bullock’s house as I’m sure she has all that stuff because she’s dope and kick ass. (Me: What the hell is at HER house? Did you realize they knew each other? Celebrity friendships are so fascinating!)

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re having a bad day?

Oh man I love Pinterest. swear to god. Just to not think about all the shit I have to do or what’s going wrong. I just go and look at Pinterest. Or flipboard.

Have you done anything recently that made you think “I can’t believe I did that”

I just went to Iceland and tried to do an expedition across the glacier and we didn’t make it. We had to be emergency evacuated as there was a white out blizzard which I got to take a poop in. It actually freezes before it hits the ground.

There you go, how can you not fall a little bit in love with that? Time to tell us about YOUR pretend boyfriend.

The Sexy Spinster Summer To Do List

So you’re a Sexy Spinster over 40, single and child free. What are your options for fun summer things to do? You want to be social, active, have fun and maybe find a summer romance (or two, or three). I’m going to throw out my ideas for things to do and I need your suggestions too. There’s a theme to all the list entries, and that theme is big crowds of similar aged like minded people. You’ll probably see good looking men you didn’t realize lived in your city

Top 5 Summer To Do List

1. Summer Festivals

Here in Madison, WI we have Summer Festival Season, and it starts this weekend! Your area probably has ethnic festivals like Italian or Greek. Check out neighborhood festivals too. The benefit of festivals is the sheer volume of people. There’s more eye candy than any bars or your friend’s house parties. Your odds of meeting a like minded person go way up. Go to a festival during the day with your nieces and nephews, go to festivals at night to meet and mingle with people your age.

2. Baseball Game

No I’m not a baseball fan, but I suck it up and go because there are always men of all ages (and sizes) to look at. If you’re sitting close enough you can ogle the baseball players. Some of them are even good looking. If you’re not close to a MLB Team go to your local non-professional team games.

3. Roadtrip to Chicagohancock-center-345415_1280

The best summer city in America period. Go to a Cubs or White Sox game, go to the Art Institute, hang out at Oak Street Beach, see a Second City improv show, Navy Pier boat cruise, dinner and drinks in The Viagra Triangle. Time your trip for Taste of Chicago around Fourth of July. The Viagra Triangle is on Division Street and Rush Street; Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse is probably the main attraction in that area. Plus : shopping shopping shopping.


If you don’t have a boat, find a friend with a boat, make new friends with someone who has a boat. Find a place that will rent a boat to you. There’s a whole alternate reality/universe Boat Society going on during the summer that you’re not a part of. You need to get in there and check it out. Bonus: you can act out the “I’M ON A BOAT” video!

5. Day Drinking

Start with a Bloody Mary during brunch and don’t stop. Play a board game or card game outside all day, go shopping, or people watching. You could play volleyball I guess. Here’s the best advice: combine #5 with Summer To Do List items #1-#4.

Best Links in the Whole World This Week

Best Links

These are a few of the blogs I read daily for entertainment, for information, or to laugh. Here’s some the Best Links in the Whole World This Week.

Behold your New Supreme. Jessica Lange’s long lost twin Caitlyn Jenner tells us where she got her name — Vanity Fair

Here’s a magazine article length feature about a new book release. Interview with Wednesday Martin the marketing genius/author of ‘Primates of Park Avenue’ — Jezebel

Have you been keeping up with the Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift feud? There’s a new chapter unfolding with certain individuals crossing enemy lines — Lainey Gossip

I suppose there are real life relationships between people that have significant age differences. But I don’t want to see it in movies. 10 age appropriate actors Hollywood can pair with Emma Stone — Pajiba

No explanation necessary. ‘Wealthy Teen Nearly Experiences Consequences’ — The Onion

I love looking at pretty clothes. This is the only blog you go to for best dressed & worst dressed opinions. Well Played Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung — Go Fug Yourself

Ayn Rand, Shirley Jackson, William Styron and more. 8 New Offerings from Dead Authors — Vulture

This guy is on a tear and I don’t know if its real or drugs. Shia LaBeouf Motivational Video — Dlisted

AND to round out the Link List this will make your heart explode in rainbows. Dick Van Dyke 89 years young doing a dance with the Bert Hat from ‘Mary Poppins’. Joy and Happiness (also found on Dlisted)

JUNE: What to Binge Watch on Netflix

There will be crappy weather days even in the summer. There will be days and nights when you don’t have anything better to do. You know it, I know it. That is why you binge watch shows and movies on Netflix. I am only recently getting around to watching PBS Mysteries. “Antiques Roadshow” and “Downton Abbey” were the gateway drug, now I have to binge all the PBS Mysteries too. The show I’m going to recommend to you stars an actual SEXY SPINSTER character. Then there’s a summer comedy set in the 80’s you need to watch again if you’ve watched it before, or watch it for the first time.

1) Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – 26 episodes

Essie Davis stars as Phryne Fisher living in 1920’s Melbourne Australia. Phryne (pronounced FRY-nee) is your second favorite Sexy Spinster. She’s never been married, never had children, she’s independently wealthy and has lots of affairs and sex and solves murder mysteries. She’s assertive and is the master of her own destiny at a time when women didn’t do that. Of course she has the luxury of choosing that life because she has the money to do it. More power to her. In addition to various lovers, there’s a ‘will they or won’t they’ story line with the local detective in charge. I feel like she has more chemistry with her fly-by-night lovers.

2) Wet Hot American Summer (2001) – Comedy

See if you recognize any of these names: Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, David Hyde Pierce, Elizabeth Banks. All of them appear in this hilarious comedy set in 1981, the year I think I went to sleepaway Girl Scout Camp. In the movie its the last day before everyone goes home and there’s unfinished business. Love triangles, unrequited love, daring rescues, broke down vans, runaways, a mentally ill mess hall cook, and The Big Talent Show. On July 31, 2015 you can binge watch new episodes of the new Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer”, all the same people from the movie are back.


Amy Schumer: The Universe & You NSFW

All About Amy and The Universe

Here’s the deal; Amy Schumer is telling the truth all over the place about everything. She’s specifically telling the truth about women’s issues and experiences. It’s all happening on her Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer”. So I declare from here on out I’ll find Amy Schumer truth bombs that I find significant & hilarious and share it on a consistent basis.

This clip ‘The Universe’ brings to life one of my huge pet peeves. (Not just) Young Women who declare that The Universe speaks uniquely to them through random coincidences. Whether they want to buy a purse they can’t afford, or feel better about cheating on their boyfriend, all of their choices are justified by The Universe.  They twist themselves into knots interpreting external events and circumstances as significant mystical messages being sent to them.  The truth is that The Universe does NOT exist to justify any individual’s choices. Never has never will. Now, finally, Bill Nye explains this obvious fact to the dumb-dumbs who think this way.

Shamefully, I haven’t seen Amy’s recent movie “Trainwreck”, But I will, and I must! EDIT: “Trainwreck” opens July 17, 2015. we haven’t missed it!


Flashback Friday “Fight Club” PSA

Is Flashback Friday a thing?

I don’t care if its a thing or not I needed an excuse to write about “Fight Club” and these glorious PSA’s from Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in character from “Fight Club”. The More You Know.

“And remember, NO ONE has the right to touch you in your bathing suit area.”

I own “Fight Club” DVD and will never tire of watching it. Because you can find new things every time you watch it. My favorite is watching the movie with the DVD commentary turned on. The director David Fincher, Brad Pitt, and Edward Norton all in one room watching the movie and talking about what was happening off screen. Helena Bonham Carter talks too, but her commentary is clearly edited in and she’s not in the room with them. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

The best part in the whole commentary is how excited all of them get about the security guy at the airport who tells Edward Norton they’re holding his suitcase because it was making a noise. Then the guy goes on to say that the things making noises in suitcases are almost always dildos. It’s some non-actor guy that’s related to someone and they just got him to do the scene. Second greatest part is when they talk about being drunk while they were hitting golf balls at the house. I highly recommend watching “Fight Club” again with the DVD commentary turned ON.

Edit: Bonus Flashback

“Cruel Intentions” Reunion Picture! Left to Right: Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar. This was taken within the last few days. (“Cruel Intentions” and “Fight Club” were BOTH released in 1999!)

Best girls night of the year!!! #cruelintentions

A photo posted by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

The Sexy Spinster Top 5 best Summer Drinks

It’s Memorial Day Weekend the official beginning of summer. If you’re single and childless that means you are probably going to get  your drink on a little or a lot no matter how old you are. I live in Wisconsin and that means we don’t need much of a reason to gather and drink.

Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever

My all time favorite Memorial Day Weekend was about 10 years ago. There were 5 of us at a house Up North Wisconsin. We woke up Saturday morning and ate seafood omelettes. Then everyone proceeded to drink while playing Scrabble outside in 90 degree heat for the next 10 hours. I personally drank cranberry + vodka all day (or maybe it was pomegranate juice + vodka?). No shower no breaks. If you don’t know, 90 degrees on Memorial Day Weekend in Northern WI is unheard of, the usual high temp is 64. Best weekend ever.

Disclaimer before the list starts : I am partial to Vodka and avoid whiskey and bourbon.

Top 5 Summer Drinks

1. Greyhound – Grey Goose Vodka + Grapefruit juice

2. Beer – Cold

3. Moscow Mule – Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice

4. Mojito – Rum, Mint, Lime, Sugar, Soda Water

5. Margarita – Tequila & mixer on the rocks!


There you go, try one or try them all. Time to share your opinion and tell the world what the best Summer Drinks are!

TBT #1 Best 80’s MTV Music Video

This is the best music video that ever lived in my opinion. 139 MILLION You Tube views for crying out loud. The Police ‘Synchronicity’ album is an album you can listen to it front to back without skipping a track. I know I’ve done it many times. But ‘Every Breath You Take’ was a super sonic comet of a song. And the music video for ‘Every Breath You Take’ was The Thing I Lived For Summer of 1983. We didn’t have MTV at my house, I had to watch it while babysitting or at my grandparents house. I watched MTV for one reason only in 1983, to hopefully maybe see Sting and the ‘Every Breath You Take Video’.  Yes it’s a the stalker theme song but he’s a stalker that looks like Sting and so when he says “I’ll be watching you” over and over it doesn’t sound so bad. Side note: everyone played this at their wedding in the 80’s because people are dumb and don’t listen to lyrics. Since its TBT before Memorial Day Weekend, I started thinking of music and summer songs, and how much I miss MTV videos 80’s-90’s. What was your favorite?


Because I was feeling extra TBT nostalgia today I had to post the link with Martha Quinn interviewing The Police backstage after a concert. They used the clip at the end Sting throwing his beer on Stuart Copeland in every MTV promo for years it seemed like. ‘I want my MTV’ indeed. Sorry, embed wasn’t working right.


Words with Friends is your new Dating App

words rev

Find & Chat Up Dudes Near You

Here’s a new (new to me!) way to meet like minded men to date. There’s a Tinder-like feature inside the Words with Friends game app. If you open up Community Match, you can put your zip code and select nearby men. Then pictures of dudes come up, and just like Tinder you swipe right if you want to send a request to play, you swipe left if you’re not interested. Yes I did it, and I’m playing Words with Friends with 3 good looking guys that theoretically live near me.

While you’re playing you can have a running conversation chat. My favorite part about this idea is that I love Scrabble and people who play this game probably enjoy that game too. SO its something we have in common and there’s a context for a conversation to happen. I know a woman who is slightly older than I am and she met a guy in real life from Words with Friends. She said he didn’t look like his profile picture so it didn’t work out. I’ll keep you posted if I wind up meeting a guy in real life. Words with Friends is free on iPhone and Android app stores.

I’m chatting up a guy that theoretically lives near me now. Have you met anyone using Words with Friends?