Another DVD Workout Suggestion

Here’s what I would call a medium level difficulty DVD workout. This is one you take on after getting your muscles warmed up with Pilates and Yoga. This DVD definitely has more strenuous activity and more muscle strengthening. You can mix and match the four 10 minute routines or go through all four in one session. You need two hand weights. I started with three lb., then five  lb., now I use eight lbs. for certain intervals.

denise dvd#1 Kickboxing: throwing punches and kicking. You will feel it in your upper back, helps with back fat around your bra.

#2 Athletic training: AKA calisthenics. There are a few exercises that are harder like burpees.

#3 Kettle Bell : This uses one weight. You swing it down to the floor and over your head while keeping your back straight. I started with five lb. weights now I’m using eight lb. weights.

#4 Strength training: This uses two weights. The most effective exercise is the deadlift, it really works the back of your thighs and lifts your butt.

The workout DVD is hosted by Denise Austin, I’ve have always liked her. I started watching her back when she hosted a Weekday 6:30am show on Lifetime Channel. There isn’t a lot of instruction on form with this DVD. It’s important to have your abs and back muscles engaged the whole time so you don’t injure yourself. Buy it on Amazon or download it to your device.

Please don’t mistake me for an expert, I just know what works for me and the results I have seen. Listen to your body when you working out and always use good form. Do you have any DVD or home workouts to recommend?

Everyone is talking about ‘The Girl on the Train’

My First Book Review

book-686305_1280 ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. The category is mystery/thriller/page turner.

It’s the book lots of women are talking about much like ‘Gone Girl’ was. If you read ‘The Girl on the Train’ it will be a conversation starter for sure. It takes place in the ‘suburbs’ of London. The main character is Rachel, who drank herself out of a marriage and a job. She’s renting a room from her friend, and riding the train pretending to go to work every day. The only thing she looks forward to is riding the train and seeing in the home of a couple imagining that they are happy and in love. But Megan that so-called happily married wife soon goes missing.

Rachel inserts herself into the police investigation for Missing Megan and introduces herself to Megan’s husband Scott under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Rachel is texting, calling, and emailing her ex-husband Tom. This stalking upsets Tom’s new wife, Anna. Anna, Rachel, and Megan each narrates their stories. Rachel has the most story, but she’s an unreliable narrator because she blacks out and can’t remember useful information. It all gets resolved and it all ties together and it has a lot to to say about women and their experiences.

Why You’ll Like It

It’s an excellent character story wrapped in a solid murder mystery. You’ll relate to the experiences of some or all of the three women characters. Maybe you drink more than you think you should. Maybe you feel guilty about something you did and fear the consequences. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person. Maybe you can’t let go of a relationship and move on. Connecting to one of these issues will get you invested in the outcome and keep you turning the pages until you know how it ends. The story unfolds at a perfect pace; the conflict is real and relatable.

Homemade food from Pinterest recipes

I’m talking about FOOD. I think the key to staying in shape is making your own food. Nothing from a box like Lean Cuisine or Pasta Roni. I lived on that stuff in my 20’s and 30’s. Didn’t everybody? But when you’re over 40, your health isn’t something you can take for granted anymore. My grandma (mom’s mom) had a heart attack in her early 40’s. So I made up my mind to find healthy recipes and make 75% of the food I eat from scratch. If I have a salad, I make the dressing. If I’m making pasta I make the sauce. I don’t eat red meat, I do eat seafood, chicken, turkey, and pork. Two days a week are meat free. I am pretty good about eating vegetables every day. Fruit I’m lucky to get once or twice a week.

Orzo with Roasted Broccoli recipe

Here is a recipe I just found on Pinterest and I love it. See the actual picture of what I ate! Roast Broccoli and Chickpeas for around 20 minutes in the oven at 400, shake salt pepper and garlic powder over them too. I laid tin foil on a cookie sheet. Make 1 1/2 cups orzo according to directions. Put some pine nuts in a skillet over medium heat, shake them until they’re brownish. Mix it all together with Lemon juice from a lemon and a little but of olive oil. Here’s the link to the recipe.

What’s a healthy homemade recipe you enjoy making?

orzo broccoli

Vacation like a Sexy Spinster This Spring and Summer

Relax & Unwind & Travel to a Fun City

As a sexy spinster, you have disposable income and vacation hours to spend at work. Plus you’re not married and don’t have kids, so you can vacation anywhere you want whenever you want. I am going to recommend New Orleans, LA. I took this trip with all ladies, but you would enjoy it with your SO too. My favorite way to travel is to rent a home, dig in, and live there for a long weekend or a week or more! I have used Vacation Rental By Owner five times, and it is extremely easy to use. Different owners have different approaches. Some like half up front, money order no checks. Some require you to scan and send your ID in advance. Someone will meet you at the house when you get there to collect the rest of the money and show you around the house or condo. I have never used it, but I know people who have used airbnb and have been very happy with it.

Advantages to vacation living in a home or condo are:

Laundry Room, Cook and Drink at home, Live Like a Local Experience.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Travel Rental

New Orleans Rental

That’s the shotgun home we rented, five of us for a long weekend. I love shotgun homes, and they are everywhere. All of the rooms are in a straight line back from the from door; living room, bedroom, bedroom, kitchen. One or two bathrooms off the bedrooms. This house was between the Garden District and Tulane University if you’re traveling on the St. Charles street car away from French Quarter. That’s why I chose it; staying in close proximity to street cars is very helpful in getting around. Its a walking city for the most part, no need to rent a car. But you need to take the street car or cab as a back up if it gets too hot (spoiler alert: IT WILL BE HOT). You will want to walk though because you can walk around with To Go Cups of alcohol everywhere.

What to do:

  • Eat eat eat. My two favorite places are Napoleon House, and Antoine’s. There are too many great and famous restaurants to get into but this is a Food City.
  • Take a Ghost Tour, Cemetery Tour, Garden District Tour
  • Visit New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Shop & Eat & Drink on Magazine Street and Royal Street
  • Sit & Sip Ice Coffee at Cafe du Monde
  • Ride the St. Charles Street Car and Canal Street Line from start until finish and back again.
  • If you enjoy being in the middle of a crush of humanity, then go to Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest.

Where do you recommend taking a trip as an unencumbered Sexy Spinster?

The Sexy Spinster DVD Workouts: Where to Begin

Working out at home: Getting Started

The great benefit of a DVD workout at home is that it’s easy. I need to remove all barriers to working out if I’m going to succeed at exercising. For me that means working out first thing in the morning, so I don’t let anything get in the way. I workout here at my house instead of getting in a car and driving to a club. I don’t worry about what I look like or worry about what I’m wearing.

My opinion is that if you’re over 40, you have to do cardio + strength training at least 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I shoot for 40-45 minutes per day 4 or 5 times per week. On the days I don’t do those workouts, I walk my spinster dog or clean my house, or do yard work. Metabolism slows down as you age, you have to build more muscle to burn more calories at rest. So I use weights, and increase the weights as the workouts get easier.

dvd target

The Method Pilates Target Specifics

I used this workout when I was out of shape and wanted to begin again and shape up. Its four 10 minute workouts. I always did at least 3, sometimes all four. There’s two legs workouts. One leg workout is ballet, one leg workout is active yoga sun salutations. The arms workout uses weights, the abs workout is Pilates on a mat. I found that the ballet workout for hips really helped me fit into my jeans. It works fast. I always did both leg workouts because they engage the biggest muscle group and burn the most calories. Then I rotated in the arms and abs. This DVD helped me get ready for tackling the more challenging workouts. When I was starting out I didn’t use weights, then I used 1.5 lbs, then 3 lbs. Sometimes I marched while they are working out if I couldn’t keep up. I always finished the DVD, so I always had the sense of success and accomplishment.

All the usual disclaimers apply, I’m not a doctor, I don’t know what your capabilities are, only you and your doctor can determine that. The most important thing is to listen to your body.