Another DVD Workout Suggestion

Here’s what I would call a medium level difficulty DVD workout. This is one you take on after getting your muscles warmed up with Pilates and Yoga. This DVD definitely has more strenuous activity and more muscle strengthening. You can mix and match the four 10 minute routines or go through all four in one session. You need two hand weights. I started with three lb., then five  lb., now I use eight lbs. for certain intervals.

denise dvd#1 Kickboxing: throwing punches and kicking. You will feel it in your upper back, helps with back fat around your bra.

#2 Athletic training: AKA calisthenics. There are a few exercises that are harder like burpees.

#3 Kettle Bell : This uses one weight. You swing it down to the floor and over your head while keeping your back straight. I started with five lb. weights now I’m using eight lb. weights.

#4 Strength training: This uses two weights. The most effective exercise is the deadlift, it really works the back of your thighs and lifts your butt.

The workout DVD is hosted by Denise Austin, I’ve have always liked her. I started watching her back when she hosted a Weekday 6:30am show on Lifetime Channel. There isn’t a lot of instruction on form with this DVD. It’s important to have your abs and back muscles engaged the whole time so you don’t injure yourself. Buy it on Amazon or download it to your device.

Please don’t mistake me for an expert, I just know what works for me and the results I have seen. Listen to your body when you working out and always use good form. Do you have any DVD or home workouts to recommend?