About The Sexy Spinster

me photoI’m over 40, never married, never had kids. Because I never wanted to. I’m not advocating for the lifestyle of The Sexy Spinster, I’m validating the choices and experiences of a certain type of woman that historically has been scorned or pitied. My mission is to reinvent that term spinster and make it something positive. I plan to talk about what I know and love with sincerity and a little snark. I’m going to throw down some opinions, and I’d like to hear your input too.  Whether you choose to be unmarried and childless or circumstances led you to it, you’re going to love coming here to have someone to relate to and feel validated, maybe empowered? There won’t be an us vs. them angle to this blog, because any decisions any woman makes about the way they want to live their life is valid. I celebrate the fact we have the freedom to choose whether or not to be married, have kids or not have kids.
As for me, I’m living the life I want to live not the one I’m expected to live. I can sleep, make last minute plans, watch whatever I want, travel anywhere within my means, spend or save my money, decorate any way I want, kept it messy or keep it clean. I have a house & a dog Wilma.
I’ll review and recommend entertainments I enjoy like movies, books, TV, blogs, music. I’ll talk about how I keep in shape with my favorite workouts and recipes. I have a passion for fashion so you’ll see a lot about clothes, jewelry, purses. I’m going to offer up stories about dating so you can avoid doing what I do.
email me here with your questions, comments and feedback info@thesexyspinster.com

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